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27 June

Groundstory: Call for Partners

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Cross-sector leaders from the arts, business, non-profit, and government sectors are invited to come together to cultivate consensus and urgency to move forward with Groundstory, an emerging collective impact collaboration to address the drivers and adverse ripple effects of gentrification in Toronto, Hamilton, and other communities across Ontario.

21 May


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Are you an artist or arts professional experiencing first-hand the negative impacts of gentrification? Are you being priced out of your studio or home? Have you already or are you currently considering moving to a new neighbourhood or a new city due to a lack of affordable cultural spaces and housing? Considering leaving the arts sector altogether?

07 May

Bilingual Communications Assistant

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ArtsPond / Étang d'Arts is pleased to invite students under 30 years of age to apply to our new Bilingual Communications Assistant summer student job opportunity funded by Canada Summer Jobs.  The position will contribute to the launch of a new communications strategy including the translation and interpretation of core company programming and communications in both official languages (English and French).

28 August

Call for Volunteer Translators (English-French)

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ArtsPond / Étang d'Arts is currently seeking Volunteer English to French Translator(s) to help translate core company communications and to inform and engage Francophone communities in the company's vision and mandate, strategic plans, and programming.

16 August

Call for Volunteer Board Members

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ArtsPond / Étang d'Arts is seeking individuals with expertise in arts and culture, law, finance, marketing, fundraising, and governance to join the organization's Board of Directors for a two-year term. Available positions include President, Treasurer, and Directors.

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Seeking relief from the property tax corkscrew: Matt Elliott via @MetroNewsCanada
ArtsPond (3 hours ago)
RT @Jay_Pitter: Inspiring + right on time. So encouraged that others are centring affordable housing as right --- as a movement. https://t.…
ArtsPond (1 week ago)
Artists @ 401 Richmond are not alone. Small businesses hurting too from "highest best use" property tax assessments
ArtsPond (3 weeks ago)
We're delighted to welcome such inspiring Ontarians to #Groundstory. Interested in addressing #gentrification? Info:
ArtsPond (3 weeks ago)
Good meetings with good people. It's been a good day all around.
ArtsPond (3 weeks ago)


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