Groundstory: Call for Volunteers

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ArtsPond is seeking Volunteer Researchers to help with Groundstory, a collective impact initiative addressing gentrification in Ontario.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to help support an international literature review on the roots (drivers, causes), ripples (impacts, effects), and responses (reactions, potential solutions) to gentrification in the arts in Ontario. The research will encompass such issues as growing income inequality and income polarization, loss of affordable shelter, loss and lack of cultural spaces, the changing nature of work in a postcapitalist and digital world, tools for mapping and predicting gentrification’s impacts, inclusive and equitable development approaches to creative placemaking, community land trusts, tax policies, economic incentives, and much more. 

A growing bibliography of resources is published on, including academic papers and presentations, magazine, newspaper and blog articles, radio interviews, books, and more. The research archive is currently being maintained in Zotero.  The scope of this research stage is to dive deeper into these and other resources to begin making summary notes and an annotated bibliography for each. In the short-term, the goal is to rate and prioritize the sources that deserve further, more detailed study. In the longer-term, the goal is to produce an over-arching report on solutions, trends, and issues related to gentrification in the arts from around the world.

According to the skills and interests of the volunteer, the opportunity could include one or more of the following:

a) review and take high-level notes on anything that piques your interest in the bibliography whenever you have the time to do so;
b) research and add new sources to the bibliography;
c) track and update the bibliography metadata to ensure accuracy of citations and to ease searching and reporting;
d) help keep other researchers and team members up-to-date on the individual lessons identified by each researcher;
e) help with ongoing administrative support and communications between team members to ensure the effort is both fun and efficient at all times;
f) writing of short blog articles to help keep the public informed of the lessons learned;
g) writing of more detailed critical precis and analysis of key sources;
h) advising and providing feedback to lead researchers in definition and implementation of core research methodologies.

To apply, please submit a letter of intent and a CV to