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Cultivating lofty ideas and untapped potential in the arts into
exceptional, everyday realities.


Fulfilling our motto, “Share Well : Grow Well”, ArtsPond / Étang d’Arts is envisioned as an inclusive, national platform devoted to strengthening the full and wide-ranging scope of Canada’s arts and culture ecology. With a predilection for unexpected cultural hybrids and alliances, our mission elicits multifaceted, integrated arts activities with an intercultural mindset and a commitment to open source collaboration and entrepreneurial, community-engaged learning. Through the incubation of visionary arts programming, we purposefully empower the “Four Elements” of artistic creativity and industry:



Cultivating the public's appreciation of the arts through producing and curating high-quality, public art exhibitions, presentations, and performance art(s) events, and by providing a forum for qualified artists to exhibit, present, or perform their artistic works through participation in such events.


Nurturing education in the arts by providing resource libraries, courses, instructional seminars, and workshops for youth, students, artists, arts professionals, and the public.


Promoting excellence in the arts industry by offering merit-based awards, and researching best practices related to the curation, exhibition, presentation, performance, education, and administration of the arts and disseminating our research to the public.


Promoting excellence and increased efficiency in the curation, exhibition, presentation, performance, and administration of the arts through enterprising innovative joint ventures, shared platforms, and other collaborative initiatives in-the-cloud and on-the-ground. 



In 2013, the Metcalf Foundation commissioned an insightful research paper by Jane Marsland entitled, Shared Platforms and Charitable Venture Organizations: A powerful possibility for a more resilient arts sector.

In her paper, Marsland posited that explosive growth in the arts sector has meant

there are no longer enough resources in the public arts funding system to make it feasible for many of our artists to establish fully independent, adequately capitalized, charitable, non-profit organizations.   [...]

At the same time, there is less desire among many artists to incorporate as a charitable, non-profit organization because they realize it is increasingly difficult to raise the resources required to support an ongoing organizational structure and keep it healthy.
Marsland, 6

To maximize resources and limit redundancies, Marsland recommended the formation of a Charitable Venture Organization as a means to address these issues and build a more resilient arts sector. The creation of ArtsPond is a direct response to Marsland’s recommendations.

For an overview of ArtsPond's proposed model, view our Prezi (2014), or read our PDF Backgrounder (2016). 






Brennyn Bauer, Humber Communications & Development Intern

Didier Aubert,
Guillaume Bastiaens &
Kathleen Dodd-Moher, Volunteer English-French Translators



Board of Directors

Jessa Agilo, Founder, President & CEO

Slade Lander, Chair

Roland Gemayel, Treasurer

Dora Kong, Secretary

Joseph Bardsley

Amy Errmann

Christopher Neels

Jon 'Drops' Reid


Cultivating lofty ideas and untapped potential in the arts into exceptional, everyday realities.


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