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Are you seeking to grow your capacity for life-long innovation in the arts?

Emerging and mid-career professional artists, curators, educators, and producers from diverse disciplines and cultures in Ontario are invited to submit proposals to Inflow / Afflux, a new bilingual, multi-year, multi-arts creative residency program presented by ArtsPond / Étang d’Arts.

Through sustained collaboration and shared learning, participants will be empowered to bring innovative projects to fruition while building audiences and bolstering their skills and capacity as leaders of the next-generation of arts and culture in Ontario.

The following is a call for expressions of interest to be included in upcoming funding applications prior to project launch in Fall 2017. Deadline to apply is August 25, 2017 at 5 pm EST.

Program Guidelines:  English (PDF)



From gentle waves and gushing torrents to interminable droughts, the ever-changing tides of artistic inspiration are unlike any other. Inevitably, the successful artist must be primed to continuously cultivate and grow their creative practices, take risks, rejuvenate themselves, and be born anew. As Ezra Pound believed, “The artist is always beginning.”

Inflow / Afflux is envisioned as a safe harbour where revitalizing tides of new creative inspiration may be sourced, nurtured, pooled, and given life-enriching form. Inflow / Afflux invites creative visionaries from diverse surroundings to tap into, and share with the public, where the meandering energies of their vital tributaries originate and flow.



Inflow / Affllux is a 24-month creative residency program with a mandate to strengthen the capacity and profile of emerging and mid-career professional artists, curators, educators, and producers from across diverse regions, cultures, and artistic disciplines in Ontario.

Throughout the residency, Associates will have the opportunity to grow their creative practices while collaborating with other participants and receiving sustained artistic and administrative support in not-for-profit production, outreach, fundraising, marketing, financial management, governance, strategic planning, and more.

With access to the shared not-for-profit structures, resources and learning provided by ArtsPond / Étang d’Arts, Associates will bring one or more creative projects to fruition while developing the skills and support necessary to secure a successful, life-long career in the arts.

Both small and large-scale projects leading toward public events of varying complexity are welcome. Associates may choose to share their completed project(s) as standalone events in their community, or as a part of Infuse / Infuser, a multi-arts festival to be presented in Toronto by ArtsPond / Étang d’Arts.

Individuals and collectives committed to producing vital work on a non-profit basis are eligible to apply, including Women, New Generation, New Canadian, Rural/Remote, Francophone, Indigenous, Disability, LGBTQ+, and other diverse groups. Artists with a devotion to investigating unexpected creative hybrids and fluid collaborations are encouraged to apply. Professionals working in traditional, modern, contemporary, multidisciplinary, integrated, and community-engaged practices are eligible to apply. Eligible artistic practices include the visual, performing, media, literary, community arts, craft, and other new and emerging forms.

As an Associate of ArtsPond / Étang d'Arts, we will work closely with you to raise the funds necessary to support your proposed activities and provide you with a residency fee. Suggested scope for all residency activities is up to $50,000 in expenses over two years, however smaller proposals are welcome!



Proposals for residency projects must meet the following minimum guidelines:
• New and original works or activities only
• Include a public dissemination component within 24 months from the beginning of the residency, in Ontario or other provinces and territories of Canada (no international activities accepted)
• Be led by one or more professional artists, curators, arts educators, or producers from Ontario
• Professional Canadian and international collaborators from outside Ontario are permitted to contribute to a project, but 50% or more must residents of Ontario

Examples of eligible projects include:
• New artistic creation activities led by professional artists and featuring a public sharing, production, exhibition, performance, reading, screening, installation, or other public arts event in Ontario. May engage other professional and/or non-professional artists and/or the public as collaborators/performers
• New arts education activities for non-professional artists, professional artists, arts professionals, or the public, including workshops, symposiums, conferences, mentorships, and other public arts outreach events
• New best practices research leading to the creation and dissemination of an arts education resource, book, journal, other print or online learning material
• Emerging producers seeking administrative mentorship and training while producing one or more not-for-profit artistic events in their community



The following minimum guidelines are required to be eligible to apply:
• Be recognized as an emerging or mid-career professional artist, arts curator, educator, or producer, as classified by Ontario Arts Council
• Have at least one year of professional experience in one or more disciplines, including visual, performing, multi/integrated, media, literary, community arts, craft, and other emerging forms
• Be active in any local, regional, or provincial arts and culture community in Ontario
• Be a resident of Ontario
• Be legally entitled to work in Canada
• Be 18 years of age or older



Contingent upon funding still to be announced, estimated fees and benefits will include:
• $2,000 residency fee (flat-fee)
• Access to mentorships in creation and administration
• Access to shared non-profit governance, administration, and liability insurance

Over the long-term, additional benefits may include:
• Upon successful completion of the residency, Associates may be invited to undertake additional, longer-term creative projects as a Principal of ArtsPond / Étang d’Arts
• Based on the quality and public impact of their vision and practice, one or more Associates or Principals may be invited to become future Artistic Director(s) of ArtsPond / Étang d’Arts
• The organization is also in the process of pursuing charitable status. To help strengthen and diversify the financial resources available in support of its Associates and Principals, ArtsPond / Étang d’Arts will offer charitable giving benefits to donors as soon as registered charity status is successfully attained



Online application form:

Program guidelines: | Print version (PDF)



ArtsPond / Étang d’Arts
ATTN: Jessa Agilo
225-38 Abell Street, Toronto, ON M6J 0A2
c: +1 (647) 920 6187


The mission of ArtsPond / Étang d’Arts is to cultivate lofty ideas and untapped potential in the arts into exceptional, everyday realities.

At the forefront of innovation, the mandate of ArtsPond / Étang d’Arts is to incite positive programmatic and systemic change in Canada’s diverse arts ecology through the cultivation of cross-disciplinary collaborations for collective impact on-the-ground and in-the-cloud.

Our objectives are to promote and empower the socioeconomic vitality of Canadian creators, curators, educators, and producers from across all cultures and disciplines, including New Generation, New Canadian, Rural/Remote, Francophone, Indigenous, Disability, LGBTQ+, and other diverse groups.

Major programming currently in development includes Inflow (multi-year creative residency), Infuse (multi-arts festival), Artse (arts learning hub), Elemente (arts management and impact reporting platform), and Groundstory (collective impact initiative addressing the impacts of gentrification).

ArtsPond / Étang d’Arts was established in 2014, and incorporated as a not-for-profit in 2016.



Cultivating lofty ideas and untapped potential in the arts into exceptional, everyday realities.


  • Address
    38 Abell Street, Studio 225,
    Toronto, ON M6J 0A2  CANADA
  • Phone: +1 (647) 920 6187
  • Mail:



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