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Cultivating lofty ideas and untapped potential in the arts into exceptional, everyday realities.


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    Toronto, ON M6J 0A2  CANADA
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RT @jen_keesmaat: A good starting point to advance #CitiesForAll and a more inclusive urbanism would be to follow @Jay_Pitter https://t.co/…
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City of Toronto please fund Toronto Music City, affordable co-op housing for musicians @musiccityTO! https://t.co/TikX6VbK3V
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In a Glass Darkly: Illuminating Value Assessment in the Arts, keynote by @CMooreDiscCM #DASS17 #artsinadigitalworld… https://t.co/IEBeTV1TvD
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What values/models will help arts services sustain long-lasting collaborations in transitioning to digital?… https://t.co/lvlIrESK4X
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What business/legal structures are necessary to scale new digital arts services in diverse communities?… https://t.co/HuDW7tm2ot
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