Ontario Arts Council Invests in #AWGCan

Posted by:ArtsPond in Pondory, Recent News

ArtsPond is pleased to announce the Ontario Arts Council's Arts Service Projects has contributed $10,000 toward the formation of Arts Working Group (#AWGCan), an advocacy and networking group on charitable venture platforms. 

Facilitated by Jessa Agilo of Agilo Arts, #AWGCan is a one-year initiative to:

a) Increase collaboration and networking among nascent, emerging, and established charitable venture platforms in the arts in Toronto and nationally;

b) Develop communications collateral (i.e., briefs, case studies, manifestos, testimonials in both English and French) to enhance understanding of the relevance and importance of charitable venture platforms among artists, arts organizations, funders, change makers, policy advisors, politicians, and bureaucrats. All communications collateral created by #AWGCan will be hosted at ArtsPond.com.;

c) Explore affiliations, partnerships, and shared learning opportunities with other arts organizations and non-arts entities with an interest in the emergence of charitable venture platforms;

d) Develop frameworks to support enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing, and dissemination of learning outcomes to the broader community while respecting the intellectual property and confidentiality of all involved;

e) Reflect Canadian arts and culture by empowering the emergence of charitable venture platforms from as many diverse communities as possible.

You can learn more about this landmark initiative at the next meeting of #AWGCan later this summer.  Let us know your availability via the following Doodle Poll.  You will have the option to join the meeting in person in downtown Toronto, or online via live videoconferencing.