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Are you an artist or arts professional experiencing first-hand the negative impacts of gentrification? Are you being priced out of your studio or home? Have you already or are you currently considering moving to a new neighbourhood or a new city due to a lack of affordable cultural spaces and housing? Considering leaving the arts sector altogether?

ArtsPond's founder, Jessa Agilo, is engaging in preliminary research to help set the stage for "Groundstory", a desired multi-year collective impact collaboration to try to find and implement viable solutions. We are seeking stories from anyone about the challenges you are facing on the ground in the here and now. Any stories you are willing to share will go a long way to gathering the evidence necessary to secure the funding to start tackling this issue also in the here and now. Your privacy and anonymity is assured. Please contact Jessa at and we can arrange a conversation.

If you represent an organization that might be interested in being involved in this collective effort in some capacity, please also do not hesitate to get in touch.